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‘Free money’: Mum earns $433 for 10 minutes’ work

Mum earns $433 for school drop-off, pick-up. Source: Getty

A Queensland mum revealed she received $433 for driving her kids to school every morning, under a government initiative that sees parents earn cash for the drop-off.

Fracnesca McFarlane told KidSpot, she stumbled across the state’s School Transport Assistance Scheme, which offers subsidies to families doing the school drop-off and pick-up for full-time enrolled kids.

Last year, McFarlane applied for the subsidy, and thought she’d reap around $100 given the kids’ school was just 3.26 kilometres away from her home.

Instead, she saw a whopping $433.20 land in her account.

“I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get it because there is a public school closer to us, which is one of the questions on the form,” Francesca said. 

“After I did the form, I forgot about it then it popped up in my bank account a few weeks later," she said excitedly.

"Something that only took me 10 minutes has paid half my car rego for the year. It’s just brilliant. The whole process was simple and very fast.” 

Each year, the government sends a renewal notice to parents, with all their information pre-filled, meaning you won’t need to re-apply, but rather just update your details if they’ve changed.

While the Queensland application is a little more lenient, it’s tougher to access the scheme in other states.

For example, in New South Wales, parents need to live in areas where there is no public transport. 

To apply for the scheme in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, or the ACT, simply visit the government’s department of transport page.

In South Australia and Victoria, you’ll need to visit the state’s education pages, or the Northern Territory’s student financial help page.

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