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Revealed: Four 6-figure jobs that require no formal qualification

Here are some high-paying jobs you don't need to study for. (Photos: Getty)

Raking in a six-figure salary doesn’t require pulling 9-to-5 hours in a stuffy office wearing a suit and tie – nor does it have to mean going back to school, either.

That’s a narrative pushed by universities and TAFEs, but in actuality, several high-paying jobs don’t ask for any formal qualifications of any kind – and major organisations have those jobs on offer, according to job ad search engine Adzuna CEO Raife Watson.

Are you a self-taught ‘ethical’ hacker? One organisation will give you the title ‘cybersecurity expert’, and a $130,000 salary. By way of comparison, jobs in the legal sector average about $95,740, according to Adzuna.

You’ll need to have experience, ingenuity and strategic thinking, but you won’t need a formal qualification to get the job. “In some ways, this can’t be learned in the classroom,” said Watson.

But it’s not only cyber-geniuses who can land themselves well-paying jobs: other roles that pay well include private chauffeur, crowd controller, military officer, courier, firefighter, real estate agent, and even food taster.

Watson said jobseekers who don’t have a formal degree or diploma are encouraged to do two things though: work hard and brush up on their soft skills.

“Soft skills like communication and emotional intelligence and preparing for the fitness and agility tests required by more physical positions in the Army or Police.”

Here are the four 6-figure jobs that need no formal qualification:

  1. Cybersecurity/Ethical Hacker - $130,188

  2. Courier - $109,790

  3. Security Officer - $103,695

  4. Military Police - $101,103

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