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‘Feels so good’: How the $750 coronavirus payment changed Aussies' lives

What the $750 has meant for Aussies. Source: Getty

Around 6.5 million Australians are set to benefit from the government’s $750 economic support payment, which started rolling out on March 31

The automatic payment has already landed in some Aussies’ accounts, prompting them to share on Twitter what the payment has meant for them under the hashtag #My750.

Here’s how Aussies are really spending their $750:


Plenty of those in need have revealed they’re finally able to stack their pantry with the necessities.

“Even despite the goddawful pandemic shopping stress, it was so nice to be able to just… put food & staples in the basket without agonising over the cost of every item,” Jeremy Poxon tweeted.

“I was able to shop for groceries and though I still love a bargain, I was able to just buy multiple quantities of stuff and not worry,” another said.

One user said they bought a month’s worth of supplies. “Feels pretty good,” they said.

Isolation essentials

Being in isolation can be tough – particularly without access to streaming services, books or music to pass the time. 

“I put some of my $750 to music, but am reluctant to admit that because of the stigma that people doing it tough don't deserve to treat themselves if they can,” one person said.

“We all deserve to have nice things.”

“I’m gonna use part of my $750 to buy some books,” Poxon tweeted.


Aussies reaping the $750 have put it towards repaying their gas or electricity bills.

“So far I have paid off some credit card debt and paid my overdue Citylink and Stan bills,” one user tweeted.

“Using #My750 went to pay my gas, electricity and phone bills,” another said.

House renovations

Some Aussies put their $750 towards house renovations that they’ve never been able to afford.

“My rental doesn’t have a garage or a shed, so we have a bunch of stuff sitting on the back deck just slowly decaying,” one user tweeted.

“With the $750 we were finally able to order a shed to hold whatever hasn’t been destroyed - we’ve been here two years.”


While many have spent their payments, others have simply saved the cash for a rainy day.

“My 750 will be kept in my account till after the virus,” one user said. 

“I have a compulsory study trip for uni in September that I’m required to finance myself. Most of my 750 will go towards paying for accommodation that trip,” another said.

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