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Farmers blast ‘attack map’ revealing abattoir, farm locations

Source: Aussie Farms
Source: Aussie Farms

Farmers are calling for animal activist group, Aussie Farms’ charitable status to be revoked following the publication of an explosive interactive map detailing the location and activities of farms across Australia.

Published to “force transparency on an industry dependent on secrecy”, the map has infuriated Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, along with the National Farmers’ Federation, which argued that Aussie farmers have “had enough”.

“This is plain disgusting…this is basically an attack map,” Littleproud said.

He said the map is full of inaccuracies, and will encourage people to break the law by trespassing on properties and peoples’ homes.

Continuing, he accused the activist group of “not wanting to stop until we are all eating grass”.

National Farmers’ Federation president Fiona Simson demanded the map be removed and that the activist group Aussie Farms be stripped of its charitable status.

“Farmers’ privacy, their right to farm and most disturbingly, their safety and that of their families and animals, are at risk,” she said.

“Australian farmers have had enough and we will not stand by and watch attempts to destroy farms, families and rural communities.”

Activist group Aussie Farms has refused to remove the map.

The “reality of modern farming”?

Spokesperson Chris Delforce told Channel 10 last night the decision to publish the map was to highlight the “reality of modern farming”.

“We think most people are opposed to animal cruelty, most people think of themselves as animal lovers, and yet the reality of modern farming where you’ve got tens of thousands of animals crammed into these sheds… that reality is hidden from them,” he said.

“People don’t know what you can get away with when you’re actually farming them.”

The map follows allegations that another animal activist group, Animals Australia had paid a whistleblower to share footage of sheep being exported in a ship with extremely poor ventilation.

Live export company Emanuel Exports lost its licence last year following the release of the footage showing 2,500 sheep dead or dying of thirst and heat exhaustion in pens aboard the livestock carrier Awassi Express.

A tough month in the office for David Littleproud

Littleproud has rejected Labor’s bid for independent scientists to investigate the Murray-Darling Basin fish kill, but said an independent panel will investigate.

“We’re having a fair dinkum independent panel have a good look at this – with proper access to the scientists and river managers who run the system,” he said on Tuesday.

“The independent panel will obtain advice from relevant New South Wales Department of Fisheries scientists and other experts including in native freshwater fish ecology, water management and water quality.”

It comes after the Greens accused the Coalition of hiding information from the Senate on why the Menindee Lakes were drained twice over the previous four years.

Earlier this month, Littleproud said the death of the fish is “something that happens with the natural environment” and blamed drought conditions.

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