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Which famous Aussie will be worth more than Kylie Jenner in 2029?

Who will be worth more than Kylie Jenner in a decade? Source: Getty

This year Kylie Jenner made headlines when her net worth reached US$1 billion (AU$1.4 billion) at 21 - making her the youngest-ever self-made billionaire.

It turns out the lip-kit mogul could make headlines once again in a decade – when her net worth could soar to the trillion-dollar mark in 2029.

Luxury site Hush Hush estimates Jenner’s worth to hit a whopping US$1.2 trillion if it continues to grow as it has over the last three years.

But there’s one famous Australian that’s set to top Jenner in net worth in 2029.

Adelaide fitness Instagram influencer, Kayla Itsines, is predicted to be worth a whopping US$1.4 trillion - $2 billion more than Jenner.

Kalya Itsines will be worth more than Kylie Jenner in 2029. Source: Getty

Itsines is the co-founder of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) and the co-founder of SWEAT app.

She’s easily the world’s most influential fitness trainer, having amassed a whopping 9.6 million Instagram followers – and Forbes estimated her and her fiancé’s net worth to be at a huge $696 million last year.

Makeup Instagram influencer, Huda Kattan, is also estimated to be worth US$1.2 trillion.

Here’s what these celebrities will be worth in 2029:

1. Kylie Jenner – US$1.2 trillion

2. Kim Kardashian West – US$269 billion

3. Taylor Swift – US$245 billion

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – US$245 billion

5. Katy Perry – US$184 billion

6. Justin Bieber – US$157 billion

7. Rihanna – US$142 billion

8. Drake – US$100 billion

9. Ed Sheeran – US$72 billion

10. Selena Gomez – US$47 billion

Here’s what these influencers will be worth in 2029:

1. Kayla Itsines – US$1.4 trillion

2. Huda Kattan – US$1.2 trillion

3. Jeffree Star – US$221 billion

4. Jake Paul – US$15 billion

5. Logan Paul – US$12 billion

6. Sean McLoughlin – US$11 billion

7. Sommer Ray – US$7 billion

8. Cameron Dallas – US$4 billion

9. Zach King – US$4 billion

10. Michelle Lewin – US$3 billion

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