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Facebook launches ‘highly anticipated’ dark mode to protect your eyes

Are you guilty of this habit? Images: Getty

We all know by now that using social media right before going to bed is a big no-no. It’s distracting, shouty and the glare from our phones actually tricks our bodies into thinking it’s not bedtime yet.

That’s why Facebook’s new ‘dark mode’ is “highly anticipated”, according to Facebook. It’s supposed to help us avoid the worst effects of a night-time Facebook Messenger chat with a pal. Namely, sore and strained eyes.

Released today, dark mode switches the background on Facebook Messenger from white to black when users send a crescent moon emoji 🌙 in any Messenger chat.

A dark mode toggle that users can turn on and off is then activated.

It can also be used in low light situations to cut down glare while maintaining contrast and vibrancy.

The mode is currently accessible to users who unlock it with the crescent moon emoji and will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

This is what it looks like when activated:

Facebook dark mode. Image: Facebook

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