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EXCLUSIVE: Here are the 25 fastest-growing jobs in Australia

Photos: Getty
Photos: Getty

In December, Yahoo Finance brought you the US’ hottest jobs of 2018, where tech jobs such as full stack software developers and mobile developers reigned supreme.

But here in Australia, the list of the most in-demand positions that employers are seeking to fill is more varied.

“In both Australia and the US, jobs in technology are generally the most ‘in demand’ right now,” PayScale chief economist and analytics vice president Katie Bardaro acknowledged to Yahoo Finance.

Indeed, senior product managers was the fastest growing position between 2016 and 2018, growing 3.1 times faster than the national average.

However, the fastest-growing roles aren’t just found in tech companies, Bardaro pointed out, but “spread across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare and energy sectors.”

The need for HR professionals is also prominent, making up two of the top five fastest-growing roles. The strength of Australia’s economy had contributed to the demand for recruiters and HR managers, Bardaro indicated.

In particular, figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics points to strong employment growth and an uptick in job openings, which grew 13.9 per cent from the previous year.

“Job vacancies are viewed as a leading economic indicator and a strong signal to labor demand,” Bardaro said.

“Therefore, the expectation is HR professionals will play an important part in attracting and retaining top talent as the labor market in Australia continues to tighten.

“The Australian economy is also not experiencing the same degree of uncertainty as the US, so it’s not surprising to see HR professionals near the top of the list as companies continue to expand in the New Year,” she added.

According to salary information website PayScale, these were the fastest-growing jobs in Australia from 2016 to 2018 in order:

<em>(Source: PayScale)</em>
(Source: PayScale)

Which are the highest paying?

Perhaps to little surprise, the highest-paying job on the list is an IT architect, with an average starting salary of $153,000.

Curiously, the second highest-paying job sits within the HR department. A division general manager oversees day-to-day duties within a team or department and supervises others, as well as managing customer relationships.

The third highest-paying job that has grown the fastest is a principal process engineer, bringing in a tidy sum of $146,000.

While many of the jobs sit within the technology sector, the list also demonstrates many fast-growing roles other industries such as healthcare, science and human resources.

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