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Energy prices to soar: Simple way to keep costs down

CHOICE has revealed its top tips for choosing the most efficient and sustainable household appliances.

A composite image of Australian money and numerous energy bills staked on top of one another.
Aussies have been warned their energy bills could surge as we head into the colder months. (Source: Getty)

Energy bills could jump by 20 per cent from July 1, the boss of Origin recently warned Aussies and, with the cost of living skyrocketing, now might be a good time to find ways to cut down on your energy use.

CHOICE experts have released their top tips for choosing a sustainable new appliance, helping Aussies save money on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Making the switch to a more sustainable appliance can be a difficult task if you’re unsure what to look out for,” CHOICE journalist Liam Kennedy said.

“With a little bit of research, you can purchase an appliance that both takes less of a toll on the environment and saves you money.”

1. Research efficiency and performance

CHOICE said looking at the star-based energy rating on an appliance instantly provided insight into the impact the appliance would have on the environment.

“The star-based energy rating assigns a product a rating out of 10 or six stars. The higher the rating, the more efficient the appliance is,” Kennedy said.

“It’s important to note that if you’re using the star rating to compare products, you should compare appliances with similar size and capacity. An appliance that’s efficient but bigger than what you need will cost you more in the long run.”

2. Interrogate green claims

“Buying sustainable appliances isn’t always easy, due to the alarming number of misleading green claims we’re currently seeing. However, there are things you can do to see through false claims,” Kennedy said.

“If a product claims to be recyclable, check for additional information on whether this only covers certain parts. It’s also worth looking for third-party certifications that back up a company’s assertions. Be particularly wary of companies that are making grand claims, such as ‘100% emissions free’.”

3. Look after your product and what you put into it

Kennedy said once you had found a sustainable appliance you were happy with, it was just as important to extend its lifespan.

“For smaller products like kitchen goods, you can extend their lifespan by simply cleaning them regularly. This ensures they don’t have to work harder and consume more energy to deliver the same result,” Kennedy said.

“Keeping your larger appliances clean is also important when it comes to keeping them working for as long as possible. Regularly rinse out your dishwasher filters, run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine every once in a while, and keep your dryer lint free.”

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