Energy deal close: Greens

The Tasmanian Greens indicate an energy deal could be struck with its partners in Government next week.

The Greens want Hydro Tasmania stripped of its power to sell electricity it generates, before they will support Labor's push to give consumers a choice of power provider by 2014.

They want three trading rooms set up within Hydro Tasmania, to achieve the benefits of market-based competition without the costs associated with establishing three separate businesses.

The Greens' leader, Nick McKim, says his party is still talking.

"Hopefully it'll be concluded by next week but look, I'm confident that we can come to an arrangement," he said.

"We believe Tasmania needs to take the national lead." The Greens want the trading rooms overseen by Australia's consumer watchdog, the ACCC, but the Opposition has obtained emails under Right To Information laws which say that is not possible.

Liberals spokesman Matthew Groom says the emails between Treasury and the consumer watchdog, reveal the plan is outside the ACCC's jurisdiction.

"The Greens' policy is in tatters," he said.

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