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Employers reveal the worst questions they’ve been asked in a job interview

Employers reveal the worst job interview questions they've ever received. Source: Getty

Job interviews aren’t just for the employer to vet their potential candidate – they are also an opportunity for the candidate to figure out a little bit more about the role, and what they’ll be expected to do.

While it’s paramount that you do ask a question in an interview, asking the wrong one is a surefire way to stuff up your chances of scoring the job.

For example, Ressina Gerona, chief brand officer of online fashion company Revolve, said asking a potential employer about the perks of the job instantly kills a job candidate. 

Indeed’s head of career insights, Jay Munro, said asking when you’ll get promoted, what the salary is, or how you went is also a huge no-no. 

Yahoo Finance has scanned Reddit and found a thread where employers shared the worst responses to “do you have any questions?” they’ve ever received in a job interview.

The worst questions to ask in a job interview:

  1. Do you regularly drug test?

  2. How often would I be able to leave early?

  3. Is it possible to try the job for two see if I like it?

  4. For an engineering role: Is there any math involved? I'm not very good in math.

  5. How soon could I take paid leave?

  6. When do I start?

What questions should you ask?

Asking questions is your last opportunity to impress your employer, Hays’ managing director, Nick Deligiannis told Yahoo Finance. 

The best question you could ask is one that shows interest in the role, and a high level of motivation to succeed in it. 

That could look like this: “What results would constitute success in this job?”

It could also look like: “Who do you think would be the ideal candidate for this role, and how do I measure up? Is there anything that you think is missing from my skillset or level of experience?”

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