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Eight weirdest jobs in the world

Weirdest jobs in the world. Source AAP/Yahoo Finance
Weirdest jobs in the world. Source AAP/Yahoo Finance

It seems as if an individual can be hired for any type of job these days, from anything as strange as a professional bed warmer to a rather more educated pet psychologist.

Finding a well-paid job in the current market can be difficult, so why not try out something a little bit different.

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Here are eight of the weirdest jobs out there:

Bed warmer

To ensure that beds are warm and cosy for the arrival of guests, some hotels employ bed warmers who don special, hygienic sleepsuits and act as human waterbottles.

Professional queuer

No one likes to queue, but its possible to pat someone do to it for you – there are agencies with individuals which can be hired to stand in queue in your place.

Waterslide tester

While it might not require much training, it does require the ability to swim and nerves of steel.

As a waterslide tester, individuals have to rate how much of a splash they cause and their adrenalin factor.

Cool hunter

Forecasting and keeping track of trends is such a big business that it’s someone’s entire job – finding out what the next big thing is can make businesses big money.

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Chief listening officer

This role involves monitoring a brand’s mentions and presence across social media platforms – if social media is your thing then this could be the job for you.

Pet psychologist

Pet psychologists or behaviorists analyse the behavior of animals and help owners discover the cause of problem behavior.

This role does however require a qualification – individuals need either a Ph.D or a qualified doctor of veterinary medicine.

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Potato chip inspector

Quality is the key when it comes to chips, so the inspector’s job is to remove any chips which might be overcooked or irregularly shaped.

Pet food taster

A human must test dog food to make sure it meets a premium brand’s guidelines – including smelling and tasting the food to make sure the flavours are balanced correctly.

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