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Eight money-saving tips for your supermarket shop

Samantha Menzies
Eight money-saving tips for your supermarket shop

At a time when the Aussie supermarket war is rife, it’s even more important to be able to identify where you can make savings on your grocery shop and instead put the money towards something more worthwhile.

Avoiding the supermarket altogether isn’t a particularly practical option, and the money-task doesn’t need to be painstaking or require lots of pre-planning, mental energy and a desire to try new things.

Instead here are a few tips to easily help reduce your supermarket bill.

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Don’t be loyal to brands

In order to make savings, you need to be open to buying less or more of an item depending upon its value or price – make sure you compare everything you buy with what else is on offer.

If something is on special one week, switch to that brand and give it a go.

The less loyal you are to a brand, the more money you save.

Listen to upbeat music

Stores intentionally play music with a slower beat to encourage shoppers to move more slowly through the aisles — and buy 29 percent more!

Put on your favourite workout mix instead and you'll automatically move at a brisker pace while shopping.

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Don’t buy items in the checkout aisle

These are here specifically to get you to boost the cost of your bill – avoid the temptation.

Earn and spend loyalty points

Looking out for points deals on certain products will help to quickly calculate points and eventually gather enough points for a free shop.

Avoid pre-packaged food

Instead buy your food unprepared – anything pre-made, sliced, diced, cooked or packaged costs more.

The more food you can purchase that is yet to be prepared, requiring you to do the work, the more money you will save – it also tends to be significantly healthier.

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Avoid buying in bulk

Don’t naturally assume that buying in bulk will save money, and only buy in bulk when it’s an item which is going to be used quickly or doesn’t go rotten.

Buying in bulk traditionally has the ability to reduce grocery costs, but not always.

It can also lead to overbuying and mean you end up throwing groceries away at the end of the week.

Buy fresh fruit and veg in exact quantities

For the same reason, it’s best to calculate exactly what quantities of fresh food you need ahead of time to avoid overbuying and wasting products – it’s significantly cheaper.

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Buy frozen seafood

Seafood labeled "previously frozen" or “thawed” at the seafood counter is often the same product you can find in the freezer aisle, but thawed and marked up about 40 percent.

If you have the time to thaw it yourself, buy your seafood frozen instead.