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Easy way to score more than $500 in just 20 minutes: 'No brainer'

There's a clinical trial offering participants quick money but there's a specific eligibility criteria.

An Aussie woman has discovered an easy way to score more than $500 and you can do it quicker than watching an episode of your favourite sitcom. There is a clinical trial going on at the moment looking into the most commonly diagnosed bacterial sexually transmitted infection on the planet.

Researchers from Paratus Clinical are doing a prospective longitudinal cohort study to get data for developing a chlamydia vaccine for the future. If you fit the criteria, then you'll get $576 in your pocket.

Luce recently signed up for the trial and said it was the easiest way to get money.

Luce next to Australian money
Luce signed up to the clinical trial and said it was an easy way to get more than $500. (Source: TikTok/Getty)

Do you have a hack to scoring quick cash? Email

"I literally just did and it took me maybe 20 minutes and I got a five hundred and something dollar voucher, like I can't believe that," she said.


The Paratus Clinical trial is being conducted in Brisbane, however people responded to Luce's video saying they were able to do it in other parts of Queensland as well as Victoria so far.

She described it as a "no-brainer" and told others to sign up if they wanted a quick boost to their bank account.

"Did this at Griffith uni on the Gold Coast and & they paid $570 straight into my account! Just went before class was so easy," said another who had signed up for the trial.

Paratus Clinical insists no vaccine will be given during the trial as it's solely designed to estimate infection incidence, develop case definitions, explore diagnostic algorithms, and understand immune responses so they can establish benchmarks for future vaccine evaluation.

There are few eligibility requirements if you want to sign up for the trial and unfortunately Paratus Clinical isn't accepting just anyone across the country.

  • You have to be between 18 to 29 years old.

  • Be medically stable (no unstable acute or chronic illnesses).

  • Be engaged in risky sexual behaviour, such as:

    • Having a new sex partner within the past 6 months

    • Having multiple current sex partners

    • Having a partner with a known STI

    • Inconsistent condom use

  • Female participants must not be pregnant.

The study will only last for seven months and participants have been told they could have to visit a clinic one to seven times over the course of the trial. There could also be one to six phone calls as well. Additional unscheduled visits and phone calls might be necessary depending on the person.

"During the visits, various samples, including blood, vaginal, and urine samples, will be collected," Paratus Clinical said.

"Optional procedures for additional sample collection may also be discussed and consented to during the study. All information will be kept strictly confidential."

If you want to sign up to the trail, you can find more information here.

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