Duct-taped banana on sale for $175,000

A duct-taped banana is selling for US$120,000. Source: Getty

A banana duct-taped to a wall went on sale at Art Basel Miami Beach with an eye-watering price-tag. 

With a bargain price of US$120,000 (AU$175,477), the artwork titled ‘Comedian’ comprises of a real banana purchased in a Miami grocery store and taped to a wall.

The gallery’s founder, Emmanuel Perrotin, told CNN the banana was a “symbol of global trade, a double entendré, as well as a classic device for humour”.

But won’t it rot? You ask. 

Yes, the banana will rot. And buyers are warned there are no clear instructions about what to do in the event the banana starts to decompose. 

Galerie Perrotin said the artists, Maurizio Cattelan, first came up with the idea over a year ago, when he was thinking of a sculpture shaped like a banana. 

"Every time he travelled, he brought a banana with him and hung it in his hotel room to find inspiration,” the gallery stated.

“He made several models: first in resin, then in bronze and in painted bronze (before) finally coming back to the initial idea of a real banana."

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