Driver hit with $110 fine: 'Never seen this before'

Melbourne driver fine picture. Australian money notes.
A Melbourne driver has copped a $110 fine for not parking close enough to the kerb. (Source: Reddit/Getty)

A Melbourne driver has been slapped with a hefty fine for not parking “as close as practicable” to the kerb.

The driver took to social media to share a photo of their parked car and revealed they had copped a $110 fine for the common act.

“Never seen this infringement before,” the driver wrote on Reddit.

“Seems a bit harsh when looking at how others park on this street. I can accept I could move over further but space has never been a particular issue on our road.”


Social media users were outraged by the fine, with some labelling it “ridiculous” and others urging the driver to fight it.

Melbourne driver fine.
The Melbourne driver shared photos of the park online. (Source: Reddit)

“Get them to define what is practicable then ask them to prove with a measuring tape next to your car it is beyond that,” one user wrote.

“You have got to be JOKING,” another said.

“100% challenge it. A well written letter should do the job,” another wrote.

Other users pointed out the car behind them was parked in an “almost-identical” way.

According to the driver, the car was “basically the same distance” as them but did not cop a fine.

The rules in Victoria

When parallel parking, the Victorian Road Rules say drivers must position their vehicle “as near as practicable” to the side of the road. Similar rules also apply across Australia.

While the road rules don’t define what “practicable” is, in the VicRoads Drive Test criteria, drivers are told to park with their car’s wheels within 300 mm of the kerb.

It’s not the first time Aussies have been slapped with unusual fines. Recently, a Gold Coast woman copped a $1,078 fine and four demerit points for driving with her phone in her bra. Other drivers have been caught out for leaving their car unlocked or windows wound down.

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