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Drinker's delight — The world's first beer-themed hotel opens in Ohio

If your idea of a vacation includes drinking a lot of beer, then the BrewDog DogHouse in Canal Winchester, Ohio, could be your go-to spot.

The new 32-room hotel just outside of Columbus includes amenities such as in-shower refrigerators, in-room beer taps, and fridges fully-stocked with BrewDogs craft beer. Guests can also indulge in such pleasures as watching brewery employees do what they do best: make beer. The hotel also includes a bar in the lobby for games and activities and a workout facility so guests can work off their beer bellies. However, there’s no word if the DogHouse will feature an in-house liver specialist. And since the hotel is named “DogHouse,” guests can bring Fido along to stay in its pet-friendly rooms! Just no beer for him or her!

Inside the world’s first BrewDog beer hotel, the ‘hoppiest place on earth’

Now that this magical land of frolicking fermentation is open, you can bet your beer money that many reporters will be putting in requests to their editors to take a visit — you know, for research purposes, of course. I asked Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief Andy Serwer if I could make a trip to the DogHouse, and his answer was an emphatic “Yes!” But I don’t drink alcohol, so hopefully they serve root beer too. And diet root beer, at that. I have my figure to maintain.