DeTrade Fund - New Cryptocurrency Fund, Threatening Current Market Leaders

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LONDON, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DeTrade.Fund is all set to release its centralized exchange arbitrage bots this month, shortly after conducting the crowdfunding in the upcoming weeks, necessary to kickstart first of its kind, a community-driven arbitrage and frontrunning fund.

With this launch, DeTrade Fund is stepping closer to its goal of overthrowing "whales" of the industry and becoming the market-leading cryptocurrency fund. With 7+ years of combined experience and a concrete roadmap strategy planned out, many obstacles current market competitors experience are reduced to allow for rapid fund growth.

"DeTrade Fund can certainly become one of the most profitable arbitrage companies in the industry, given our experience and knowledge in this space," said Mark Jensen, CEO of the company.

"I see DeTrade Fund as the future of what cryptocurrency markets offer best - a community-driven project, innovating and maintaining the leader's position of cryptocurrency bots. We welcome any experienced minds of the industry to join us in our mission to innovate the space and give back to the community," added Mr. Mark Jensen.

Upcoming Features

- Fund Performance Rewards

DTF Token holders can claim rewards from the fund's performance. Initially, 50% of the profits will be shared amongst all token holders.

- Liquidity Provider Rewards

Out of the profits generated by the fund, 2% will be shared amongst all liquidity providers.

- Governance

Vote on the assets managed by DeTrade Fund. Decide the direction of DeTrade development.

- Utility

Future services offered by the DeTrade Fund Team (such as market-making activities) will only be accessible when paid in DTF.

To showcase the possibilities of this industry, DeTrade Fund has released a whitepaper to the general public, where a part of the research is documented. A future update of documentation is expected to include a model bot that provides results of existing arbitrage opportunities in a separate Telegram channel.

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About DeTrade Fund

DeTrade Fund, short for Decentralized Finance Trading Fund, was created to generate a continuous stream of income by exploiting cryptocurrency market inefficiencies. In a world of capital markets, arbitrage and front-running benefits by exploiting information asymmetries, delayed reaction, human emotion and more.

DeTrade Fund allows anyone to get exposure and benefit from arbitrage and front-running opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. These are opportunities that were previously exploited only by large players of the space. It is a fund for the people, by the people.

DeTrade.Fund is the product of DETRADE FINANCE LTD, which is the parent company based in London, UK.

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