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“Destroying Australia”: Aussies react to Coalition’s tax cuts

Australia reacts to Scott Morrison's tax cuts. Source: Reuters

Earlier today The Saturday Paper released its editorial, ‘Destroying Australia’ which attacked Scott Morrison’s tax cuts.

“And so it passes, the greatest assault on the safety net from which Australian life is built,” the editorial began.

It, of course, references Scott Morrison’s tax cuts which were recently passed by the senate, and which could mean the revenue base that provides for health, education and social welfare is “shredded”.

Earlier this month, Grattan Institute released a study that revealed to pay for the tax cuts, at least $40 billion would need to be trimmed from government spending by 2030.

The Coalition has said it won’t curt services, and assured the cost of the income tax package has been allowed for in the budget - and would still leave Australia in a surplus.

“The assumptions are heroic and unsustainable,” the Saturday Paper’s editorial read.

“They show an extraordinary indifference to reality. More than that, they are indifferent to need. People will be worse off under these cuts.

“They will face greater hardship, have less access to health and to quality education.”

While some experts argue the tax cuts won’t draw away from necessary funding to other sectors, Aussies aren’t buying it, and have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the Saturday Paper’s editorial.

“Make no mistake - services WILL be cut,” one user said.

“This was just another step along the road to Destroying Australia,” another said.

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