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Why December is the perfect time to start your job-hunt

Jessica Yun
Santa Claus is on the hunt for a new job. (Source: Getty)
Santa Claus is on the hunt for a new job. (Source: Getty)

If you’re in the market for a new job, you might be tempted to take the foot off the pedal and start your hunt in earnest when the new year arrives.

However, recruitment firm Robert Half has revealed that employers are actually on the lookout for top talent in the last year of the month.

“Contrary to popular opinion, December is actually a great time for job seekers to look for a new employer,” Robert Half Australia director Nicole Gorton told Yahoo Finance.

New Robert Half research reveals that nearly one in three (31 per cent) of Aussies are looking for a new job in 2020, and of those not looking for a new job, more than half (58 per cent) would actually be open to a new role they were approached by a recruiter.

“While everyone else waits to start their job search in January, start your job hunt in earnest now. Fewer applicants mean more chance of your CV being noticed and a quicker hiring process,” she said.

But doesn’t hiring slow down during the silly season?

According to Gorton, that’s actually a bit of a myth – one that you can use to your advantage.

“The Christmas period can be calmer in terms of workload, meaning it is easier for hiring managers to engage with your application while clearer calendars make it easier for interviews to be scheduled,” she said.

“Moreover, by going countertrend, you can expect a lower applicant rate than in the new year which means less competition for your application to attract the attention it deserves.”

Recruiters get a competitive edge by hiring in December

According to the recruitment firm, employers may be looking to get ahead of the hiring frenzy that is typically seen in January and February.

Turnover also tends to increase over December as employees receive their end-of-year bonuses and resign, or are motivated by New Years resolutions about their careers.

The quieter period of December also means more time for bosses to put together job ads and have discussions with candidates or recruiters.

Employers may also be looking to use up any left-over budget to boost up headcount.