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A Danish company creates the best playgrounds the world has ever seen

James Grebey
Playground -- Murray Eel

Sure, whizzing down a slide is a rush, but after a while a standard playground can feel a little, well unimaginative. A Danish company is fixing that with their amazing, jolly, playgrounds.

MONSTRUM was founded by Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen, who met while working their previous jobs designing sets for Danish theatre productions.

Since 2003 they have created elaborate, whimsical playgrounds that are usually designed around stories -- a giant eel enveloping a lighthouse, a sinking ship, or wonky, wonderland houses.

Here are 16 of their incredible designs that even adults will want to play on.

Many of MONSTRUM's playgrounds have an aquatic theme. Children can climb into the gut of this 15-meter-long Blue Whale that's beached in Plikta Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here's another whale -- this time a Sperm Whale -- who sits outside of Denmark's North Sea Oceanarium.

Kids can climb inside the whale's ribs, just like Pinocchio or Jonah.

This dragon slithers through the sand in Mulighedernes Park in Aalborg, Denmark.

This giant parrot has roosted in a small public park in Copenhagen.

This eel is wrapped around a lighthouse next to the National Museum of Bermuda.

Two giant owls oversee this large playground in Stockholm's Kristinebergs Slottspark.

Along with the owls, numerous creepy-crawlies parade around the playground, including these beetles. One of the beetles is wheelchair accessible.

In addition to nature scenes, many of MONSTRUM's playgrounds are dynamic shipwrecks. This massive ship is going down in Moscow's Gorky Park.

The ship in snowy Gorky Park is being attacked by a kraken that kids can slide down and clamber over.

This playground in a park in Copenhagen is called the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle playground features a crashed plane, sunken galleon, and a whale for children to explore.

A cargo ship has crashed in Sweden's Höganäs Municipality. Luckily, there's a safe lighthouse nearby.

This ship in Copenhagen hit a sandbar and broke in two, making it a perfect place for young children to play tag.

Brumbleby is an iconic collection of houses in Copenhagen. MONSTRUM playfully warped the landmarks for this creation

The Rocket and Princess Tower in Copenhagen combines a typical 'girl' playground with a typical 'boy' playground. It was the first playground MONSTRUM ever built.