Dad pulls hilarious prank on his daughter and her friends during their slumber party

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This dad on TikTok posted a video where he pranks his daughter and her slumber party guests by switching off specific lights from the house’s circuit breaker while they were conjuring spirits with a Ouija board.

No slumber party would be complete without a few good practical jokes, especially when the partygoers are trying to connect with the spirit realm. No one knows this better than TikToker and parent Billy Wise (@billywise24), who decided to shake things up at his daughter’s sleepover party by shutting off certain lights from the home circuit panel, giving her and her friends the shock of their lives during their attempt to contact the paranormal using a Ouija board.

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The clip opens with a shot of an electrical panel located in a basement. “Kids are having a sleepover upstairs playing the Ouija board,” Wise explains in the on-screen text.

Standing in front of the electrical panel with his hand resting on one of the switches, Wise enjoys a moment of silence before unleashing mayhem on the party upstairs.

Wise switches off the upstairs power, instantly initiating a chorus of shrieking. Amused by the high jinks, Wise chuckles and switches the power back on before quickly oscillating the switch between on and off, heightening the upstairs commotion as the video comes to a close.

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Viewers and many other practical jokers were in hysterics over Wise’s clever prank.

“All fun and games until they don’t close the portal, and then some demon is living with y’all doing that when everyone’s trying to sleep,” one user joked.

“They screaming but ain’t nobody running yet,” cracked one TikToker.

“Horror movie directors be like, ‘You are hired,’” another viewer said.
Whether the Wise family’s home is a gateway to other dimensional realms has yet to be determined, but there’s zero question that this slumber party will be one to remember!

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