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Cult American burger chain looks to land on Aussie shores

LONDON, ENGLAND- MAY 13: A general view of the signage of a Five Guys restaurant in Argyll Street. Source: Getty

This just in: an American cult favourite burger chain, Five Guys, is looking to set up camp Down Under.

According to Pedestrian, the US burger giant is currently in talks to expand into the south-east Asian market, and there’s some pretty strong speculation that Australia is looking hot on its hit list.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that Five Guys has concrete plans to open an outlet in Singapore later this year after it opened its first store in Hong Kong last year.

The Zouk Group, which calls itself a “lifestyle destination group”, announced it would be bringing the burger joint to Singapore as it seeks to “diversify its offerings”.

Others are hoping it hits their city too.

“We have been very cautious when it comes to curating our lifestyle portfolio, in the sense that the brands we take on must share a similar synergy with the Zouk brand,” the announcement read.

“Five Guys, quite simply, ticks all the boxes – customer-centric, true to its vision and a commitment to providing only the best.”

The president and CEO of Five Guys International went on to say the team was keen to work with Zouk Group as it continued the Five Guys expansion in the Asia-Pacific.

This is all part of Five Guys’ international expansion plan that’s been in the works for around three years, according to Pedestrian and the Daily Mail, and if it’s looking to expand to the Asia-Pacific, it’ll surely be looking to Australia.

Late last this year, In-N-Out Burger teased Aussie foodies with a pop up in Sydney, which saw lines back up for hours.

While they admit they were approached by other areas regarding franchises, they confirmed they wouldn’t be looking to set up shop permanently.

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