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'CU in the NT': Darwin Council debates banning controversial shirts at local markets

‘CU in the NT’ shirt. (Image: NT Unofficial)

Darwin Council will debate whether to ban shirts featuring the slogan “CU in the NT” from markets on public land.

Greens alderman Robin Knox will put forward a motion Tuesday night, as first reported by the ABC, to seek legal advice on whether the council could prohibit sales of the shirt at the Nightcliff Markets.

The T-shirts and hoodies featuring the slogan are made and sold by the company NT Unofficial, which came up with the potentially offensive phrase in 2016.

In January, a customer had reported being blocked from boarding a plane while wearing a top featuring the slogan.

NT Unofficial told Yahoo Finance that the phrase was not offensive and that the merchandise has brought the Northern Territory priceless publicity around the world.

“We’ve had numerous emails from people claiming that our campaign has ignited their interest in the Northern Territory and has inspired them to visit. We have observed an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers and those who discovered the Northern Territory from our campaign,” the company stated.

To commemorate last week’s International Women’s Day, the clothing business launched a range of women’s tops with the “CU in the NT” slogan and the subtitle “The top end. Different from the bottom end”.

‘CU in the NT’ women’s top, launched for International Women’s Day. (Image: NT Unofficial)

The company stated that “there’s nothing insulting or degrading to women about a simple invitation to the greatest territory on earth”.

“We hope to CU there one day. We have always maintained decorum and respect to all people, especially women, who make up a high percentage of our online purchases.”

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