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Cowboys introduce black cat as starter after 'Monday Night Football' scamper

Jack Baer

One week after an appearance at the Dallas Cowboys’ victory on Monday Night Football, the black cat that captured America’s heart is in the team’s starting lineup.

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The Cowboys announced the cat as a starter during warm-ups before their game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Calling him the team’s MVP, the feline was dubbed “Rally Cat.”

The cat achieved immediate viral fame last Monday when it ran onto the field during the second quarter of the Cowboys’ win over the New York Giants. After somehow making it onto the field, the cat scurried down the field and into the end zone, evading security’s attempt to corral it and eventually running into the bowels of the stadium. The cat is one of a reported 30 cats that live in the stadium.

The Cowboys had been struggling at the time, but rallied to win 37-18 following the cat’s cameo.

Still reported at large as of Thursday, the cat also made an appearance on the T-shirt of Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith.

We’ll see if the cat brings similar luck against the Vikings.

The Cowboys are leaning into the Monday Night Football cat as their new mascot. (Photo by Rich Graes fourthsle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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