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Couple’s stunning New Year’s gift shocks waitress

Customer gives $2,020 New Year's tip to waitress. Source: Getty

When Danielle Franzoni went to her job as a waitress in a Michigan restaurant on New Year’s Eve, she didn’t expect to go home a few thousand dollars richer.

When Franzoni gave the couple she waited on with their $23 bill, they presented her with a $2,020 tip.

"Happy New Year," the anonymous couple wrote on the bill, the Alpena News reported. "2020 Tip Challenge."

Franzoni, who told the publication she was a recovering addict, couldn’t believe her luck.

“I asked my manager, was this real?”

“They don’t know nothing about my story, they don’t know where I’ve come from, they don’t know how hard it’s been,” Franzoni said. “They’re really just doing this out of the kindness of their heart.”

Franzoni said she would use the funds to get her driver’s licence back and finish her daughters’ bedrooms.

Tip the bill

The 2020 Tip Challenge is similar to the Tip the Bill challenge, which took off in 2018 and saw customers tip 100 per cent of the bill to servers. 

With this challenge, the only stipulation is that you have to keep the year 2020 in the tip.

The next time Forzani dined out, she tipped $20.20 on her bill.

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