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Couple spent $18,000 on luxury Airbnb that didn’t exist

Ian and Denise though they'd be staying in an $18,000 luxury Airbnb in Ibiza. Source: Getty

When Ian and Denise Feltham rocked up to Ibiza, they thought they’d be hopping into a private lift to their £10,000 (AU$18,000) VIP room at the Las Boas complex.

The Airbnb listing prepared them for a hot tub, Turkish bath and a five-star experience – and even told them their Yorkshire terriers Ross and Honey could come along too.

But when they arrived, the Felthams’ dreams crumbled. “There isn’t such a thing as the VIP Penthouse in Las Boas.”

The Felthams, who are from the UK, said they had become a little suspicious when Lux Travel Collective, who had listed the site, didn’t give them arrival details in the lead up to the holiday.

But it wasn’t the first time a tourist had booked the luxe, and fabled, Airbnb.

Ian and Denise Feltham. Source: Facebook

Ian Feltham, 75, told The Times: “A gentleman who lived in the building said they get tourists turning up all the time, and that it’s a very big problem”.

Instead, the couple were forced to book a last-minute stay around 64-kilometres away from their initial resort.

Ian told the publication that Airbnb would only provide a refund if he and his wife turned up at the apartment and were not given a room.

“What checks did Airbnb even do? I now realise the photos on the site could’ve been from any one of 30 apartments in the building,” Feltham said.

Airbnb has since apologised, and are investigating.

“Our handling of this issue fell below our usual high standards and we have reached out to the guest to apologise and refund them in full,” an Airbnb spokesperson said.

“We have suspended the listing while we investigate and are continuing to work with the guest to make things right.”

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