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‘Start studying’: Confusion over common road rule

·News Reporter
·3-min read

A road rule involving two cars at an intersection has caused confusion with drivers seemingly unaware as to how the rule works.

The RACQ posted a picture on Facebook of two cars at an intersection on Tuesday.

A yellow car faces a stop sign and is looking to turn left around the corner. Across the intersection is a blue car at a give way sign looking to turn right.

Both cars intend on turning into the same lane.

“Which vehicle can go first at this junction?” the RACQ.

Two cars face an intersection with one in front of a stop sign and another at a give way. They both want to turn into the same lane.
Do you know who goes first in this scenario? Source: RACQ

Readers confounded by question

Many answered that the blue car should go first because the yellow is at a stop sign.

One man suggested whichever car arrived at their sign first gets to leave first.

Others conceded they had no clue.

“I do not know for sure,” one woman wrote.

In this case it’s actually the yellow car which goes first.

“The blue car has to give way because when both drivers are facing give-way or stop signs as shown, the driver turning right must give way to a vehicle turning left (except if the yellow vehicle was on a slip lane),” the RACQ wrote.

The scenario still had many drivers scratching their heads.

“Start studying,” one woman wrote.

A stop sign is pictured.
Contrary to belief, a stop sign is not more powerful than a give way sign. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

One man called it “an impossible situation” while another woman wrote it’s “way too confusing”.

“I feel like they both should have stop signs,” another man wrote.

Other examples of stop sign road rules

While it might be a confusing scenario for many it’s appeared before.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads asked readers a similar question in 2019 albeit with a truck and a car facing stop and give way signs respectively.

The car had a truck to its right with both looking to travel through the intersection.

The department clarified even though the truck is at a stop sign it should go first because it is on the right.

“A stop sign is not more powerful than a give way sign,” it wrote.

In August last year, the stop sign made another appearance in a road rules questionnaire with a blue car looking to turn left around a corner at a stop sign.

road rules
Readers were stumped when asked who would give way in above scenario. Source: RACQ

A red car was pictured looking to do a u-turn into the same lane.

Readers were asked who would give way in the scenario and many believed the car at the stop sign should give way.

However, it was actually the car doing the u-turn which had to give way as anyone performing the maneuver in Queensland has to give way to all pedestrians and vehicles “even if they're facing a give way or stop sign”.

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