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Company's Zoom call lay-off blunder sparks chaos

Footage from the meeting has been leaked online.

A tech company is facing backlash after a mass lay-off conducted via Zoom turned into a chaotic free-for-all when the meeting host failed to mute the microphones of employees on the call.

A former staff member has revealed the aftermath of the blunder, sharing clips capturing unfiltered moments where workers openly vented their grievances. Shockingly, some even went as far as to call out specific colleagues who, in their opinion, deserved dismissal more than others.

Screenshots of TikTok video showing tech company's Zoom call
One employee captured the chaos of the Zoom call, as employees vented about their years of service and called out problematic colleagues. (Source: TikTok/@liz_queenvirg) (Tiktok)

'Crash and burn'

During the Zoom call, emotions ran high as employees at US business Solera expressed their disappointment and frustration at the mass dismissal.


One vehemently exclaimed: "This is bulls**t. This is absolutely disgusting."

Another, revealing she had $5 million in loans, questioned the status of her six-year tenure, adding, "You guys are going to crash and burn."


Amid the chaos, one disgruntled employee criticised Solera's handling of a significant company merger in preceding years and lambasted the company's treatment of employees.

"This is the problem with this company. You guys have not cared about our employees at all," she shouted. "Auto/Mate used to be an awesome company. You guys bought us and f***ed us royally. I am so disgusted. I am the only one on this team who has tried to f***ing fix everything."

The outraged woman went on to call for the dismissal of a colleague she deemed responsible for the company's problems and singled him out by name.

"You should get rid of David, if anything. He has let us down so many times and in so many ways. He's the problem, not the people who actually do the work. You guys are screwed."

In a follow-up video that has since been taken offline, it was mentioned that David, a manager at the company, had kept his job.

Lingering uncertainty

The discussion continued further in a following video, where additional employees voiced their outrage. Subsequently, a manager expressed regret for the situation, but an angry employee retorted with a blunt, "No, you're not."

The Zoom call came to an abrupt end when management concluded the session, leaving employees in the dark about both their severance packages and the future of their employment with the company.

Adding to the confusion, one worker revealed an ongoing lack of clarity about her current standing. "We still don’t know, haven't received the email yet," she explained in the comments.

Criticism of Solera's approach has poured in from commenters on the TikTok videos, with one describing the Zoom lay-off as an "HR nightmare".

"Who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to hold an open conference call about lay-offs?" another viewer questioned, "What did they expect to happen?"

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