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Commuter win as government SLASHES Opal fees

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Good news for New South Wales train, bus and ferry users: the weekly fare cap will be reduced to $50 a week from $63.20, meaning daily commuters could save up to $13.20 a week.

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the move to reduce the cap by 20 per cent would benefit 55,000 commuters who will save up to $686 a year.

“Public transport is a significant cost for regular commuters and we want to make it more affordable,” Berejiklian said.

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The new cap will come into effect from 1 July 2019, Transport Minister Andrew Constance said, claiming the reduced fares will prompt more people to use public transport to get to work.

Other Opal benefits including the $2.50 Gold Opal cap, the $2.70 Sunday Cap and the Opal Transfer Discount will stay in place.

How will it work for me?

This is how the new cap will affect certain routes:

Weekly Cost Today From 1 July Yearly Saving
Penrith to Town Hall $60.84 $50 $563
Waterfall to Town Hall $60.84 $50 $563
Engadine to North Sydney $60.84 $50 $563
Seven Hills to Wynyard $60.84 $50 $563
Panania to Chatswood $60.84 $50 $563
Tuggerah to Central $63.20 $50 $686
Kiama to Sutherland $63.20 $50 $686
Meadowbank to Barangaroo (Ferry) $63.20 $50 $686
Olympic Park to Parramatta (Ferry) $54.09 $50 $212
Leppington to Blacktown $60.84 $50 $563

The NSW government is gearing up for a state election this Saturday 23 March.

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