Simpsons NFTs nearly triple in value after selling out in 3 days

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Non-fungible tokens showing Homer strangling Bart, and Bart's skateboard. (Source: VeVe)
The Simpsons NFTs were originally priced at US$60 each. (Source: VeVe)

NFT collectors are already flipping newly released The Simpsons tokens for nearly triple their original purchase price amid speculation they could be worth “thousands” of dollars one day.

Disney, in collaboration with digital collectible company VeVe, released the Disney Golden Moments collections on 7 November, with a two-item The Simpsons and two-item Marvel collection.

Tiktoker nft4noobs recently released a video saying The Simpsons collection was “super cheap” because of the huge success of Disney’s previous NFT collection.

In August, the Spiderman NFT collection was released, priced from US$40-US$400.

On some secondary markets, the Spiderman NFTs have shot up to US$13,900 in value.

The Simpsons collection consists of a token showing a golden-hued Homer strangling son Bart, and a second token - also in a golden colour - featuring Bart’s iconic skateboard, with his skull etched into it.

There were 18,666 items available, priced at US$60 each. Both items have already sold out.

There are reports buyers are already flipping their buys, with prices reaching US$150 on secondary markets.

NFT - which stands for non-fungible token - is a digital artform that has exploded in popularity in the past year.

NFTs are protected by blockchain technology, which means they can’t be copied, making them unique.

While anything from music, films, and even tweets can be turned into NFTs, digital art is the most popular use at the moment.

Some of the most expensive pieces that have been sold include CryptoPunk #2338 (US $4.37 million), Save Thousands of Lives (US$5.23 million), Edward Snowden’s Stay Free (US$5.4 million) and CryptoPunk #5217 (US$5.59 million).

The Marvel collection consists of two tokens, one of Iron Man wearing his Mark L suit, and the other featuring the iconic Avengers ‘A’ logo.

A non-fungible token showing the Marvel Avengers logo. (Source: VeVe)
There are 6,333 NFTs available featuring the iconic Avengers logo. (Source: VeVe)

There are 12,333 copies of the Iron Man token and 6,333 of the Avengers logo available. Both are on sale for $US60 each.

More collections are expected to be released in the coming days, including popular Walt Disney Studios characters such as Elsa, iconic Pixar characters like Wall-e, and Star Wars.

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