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Coles and Woolworths have both announced delivery subscription services. We compared them.

Sharon Masige
  • Both Coles and Woolworths have launched subscription delivery services, and we compare them both.
  • While Coles has monthly subscription services, Woolworths has both monthly and annual options.
  • Find out what you get with each option.

Groceries delivered to your door at a reasonable price – that's the dream.

Australia's two biggest supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, have rolled out delivery subscription services so you don't have to keep paying each time you shop online.

The subscription services are the next step up from the companies' standard delivery options, letting you subscribe either monthly or annually depending on your plan.

We have compared both subscription services to see what they offer:


Woolworths offers a standard delivery option that begins at $15 for your order and decreases in cost depending on how much your groceries cost (orders over $300 have free delivery).

Woolies also has a Delivery Unlimited subscription service where you can pay for groceries to be delivered either monthly or annually.

Delivery Unlimited covers your delivery fees and your choice of reusable bags or a crate for orders over $100.

It offers both monthly and annual options. The Any Day subscription starts at $19 a month, offering deliveries seven days a week while the Midweek subscription – starting at $15 a month – offers deliveries from Tuesday to Thursday.

There are also annual subscription options. You can get Any Day subscription annually for $169 a year or Midweek for $119 a year.

What else is included?

Delivery Unlimited includes next day deliveries, and a 30-day free trial is available. You can also cancel your subscription plan at any time, with your delivery benefits available until your subscription ends. While Delivery Unlimited is currently available only for personal shoppers, the company said it will be "launching a solution for business customers very soon".

What is excluded?

Delivery Unlimited doesn't cover same day deliveries, Delivery Now options – which offers deliveries to certain areas in under two hours , remote deliveries or bulk orders, which are orders over 250kg.


With Coles' regular home delivery service, delivery prices vary depending on the location, time of day and how long the delivery window is slot. It ranges from $8 to $14, which is slightly cheaper than Woolworths.

Coles rolled out it's subscription delivery service this week, called Delivery Plus, which covers delivery fees or fees for orders that are collected at Coles Express.

The new service, however only has two options. There's Any Day Saver at $19 a month, which offers unlimited deliveries all week and Mid Week Saver at $14 a month, which provides deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For both plans, you have to spend $100 or more in one transaction and choose a delivery slot based on the subscription plan you have.

What else is included?

You get a one month free trial with Delivery Plus. It also includes same day delivery "for a limited time only". Business customers can also sign up for Delivery Plus.

You're free to cancel the service when you want, and still get the benefits until the end of your subscription.

What is excluded?

Delivery Plus doesn't have an annual option and it excludes remote deliveries.

So take your pick – or just head to the store and buy the groceries yourself.