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Coles says new delivery service will save shoppers $344

Coles says its new service will save Aussies hundreds. Images: Getty, Supplied

Coles has upped the ante when it comes to supermarket delivery, offering customers a subscription service it claims will save them “hundreds”. 

As part of Coles’ Delivery Plus service, customers pay a flat monthly fee and receive unlimited orders throughout their subscription period. 

Customers choose between the Any-Day Saver ($19 a month) which offers deliveries any day of the week, or the Mid-Week Saver which only offers deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

The subscription service also waives fees for same day deliveries, and is offering customers a one month free trial.

Shoppers must also spend more than $100 in a single transaction and select delivery on the day included in the plan. 

“On average, the cost of a Coles Home Delivery window is $10, depending on location, time of day and length of delivery window chosen,” Coles Online general manager Karen Donaldson said.

“Delivery Plus will allow customers who regularly shop online to save hundreds of dollars a year and help them manage their family budget by knowing exactly how much they will pay on Coles Online delivery each month.”

How does Coles Delivery Plus save money? 

Coles gave the example of an online shopper who spent $150 a week and chose a three-hour delivery window, costing around $11 in delivery fees per shop. 

That means that over a year, this shopper would pay $572 in delivery fees. Coles said that under the Any-Day Saver Plan, this shopper would pay $19 a month and $228 a year in subscription fees – a saving of $344. 

Deliveries to remote customers are not yet included in the scheme. 

Coles’ swipe at Amazon

Coles’ plan comes as consumers increasingly look to subscription-based services. 

In late October, Amazon announced its ‘Subscribe and Save’ program granting Amazon Pantry customers a 10 per cent discount and free delivery when they sign up to repeat deliveries on items they regularly purchase. 

"Time and money are two of our most precious commodities and 'Subscribe and Save' gives Amazon customers a simple way to save on both. We are excited to bring Australian customers a program that is loved by customers around the world," Amazon Australia country manager Matt Furlong said.

Apple has also fuelled rumours that it will launch a subscription service for its iPhones, delivering strong revenue for the company while also satisfying tech-hungry consumers.

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