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China’s Hottest Condom Brand Faces One Big Obstacle To Going Global

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A lot of the big Chinese brands have struggled, or haven't cared to, go overseas. But domestic condom maker Safedom is one company that's looking to make a big impact on the global stage, reports the Financial Times.

It will sell 200 million condoms this year, all in China, and is targeting sales of $1 billion next year. But it's also planning to enter a bunch of overseas markets very soon, most notably in Bangladesh and various African nations.

That's not all. It wants to take on global players, like worldwide leader Durex and Australia's very own Ansell, head-on. Safedom says its virus-proof latex condoms will give it the power to do so.

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But there's a huge branding problem looming for Safedom (its portfolio includes Take Me, Green Lemon and Beautiful Girl). Its execs cite lack of brand recognition as a weakness, but the bigger problem is the lack of trust in the brand. Chinese brands as a whole don't have the best reputation for quality in international markets, and birth control products require a large leap of faith for consumers.

However, Safedom's plan to first target emerging markets makes sense, where the brand impact will easily be outweighed by the sheer need for condoms.

Will it ever be able to succeed in the US or Europe? You tell us, would you trust birth control from Safedom?

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