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Chiefs fan denied by parking meter on Patrick Mahomes pass: ‘That was my Super Bowl’

He kept his eye on the prize, but that was the problem.

LaRue Bell had the opportunity of a lifetime at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday. Instead he became a viral video of the day with millions of views, per the Kansas City Star.

Bell was one of Patrick Mahomes’ targets as the Super Bowl MVP threw footballs to fans from the top of a bus. Bell tracked it, even as it bounced off the top of a truck, and would have had it.

If not for that parking meter.

He’s taking the aftereffects in stride, though.

“I hit it pretty hard,” Bell said, via The Star. “I took a professional NFL hit for that ball. That was my Super Bowl.”

“It hurt, but the laughs took over everything,” Bell added. “I feel a little better than yesterday. That pole was not forgiving at all.”

Bell said his 11-year-old daughter came to check on him while he was down on the sidewalk. The police officers nearby did not do nearly as much.

“All they did,” Bell said, via The Star, “is point and laugh.”

He said he was not injured, but his wife’s phone that was in his coat shattered. He didn’t even get to keep the ball as another fan ran off with it.

Bell, a former high school fullback and linebacker in junior college, said he’s hoping he gets another chance to snatch a keepsake from the hands of Mahomes.

Maybe it’ll be at another victory parade.

One fan had trouble trying to catch a pass from Patrick Mahomes. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)

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