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Chicks Who Flip: The Movement Helping Women Become Real Estate Investors

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Deb Cleveland

Deb Cleveland
Deb Cleveland
Deb Cleveland

Maryland, USA, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Via Influencivewire -One sector that women are making strides and progress is the real estate business. It is no surprise that the real estate industry is booming because of this, as more and more women are getting involved in real estate investing.

One of the most successful and influential women in real estate is Deb Cleveland. A real estate investor who is responsible for establishing the brand called, “Chicks Who Flip”. Deb was so passionate about the real estate and property business that she read endlessly and acquired knowledge about the wealth and immense opportunities in real estate.

Inspiration Behind The Movement:

Her brain-child, the “Chicks Who Flip” movement is geared at teaching women, especially those that are retired, about the workings and intricacies of real estate investment, in a way that helps them to make money, make an impactful difference, learn something new and majorly have fun while at it. The brand is about transforming and creating a high-end decorator look on a budget serving the first-time home-buyer market as a profitable fixer and flipper.

The creation of the brand isn’t just drawn from the love for houses, buildings, and properties. It also extends to creating beauty and making a difference.

“I find neighborhoods, areas, and cities where there is a high demand for renovated housing and I work on them”, Deb explains.

Problems Solved by The Movement:

Chicks Who Flip seeks to target three major areas which include transforming houses, finding and encouraging women that fix and flip the houses, and at the same time have a huge impact on the neighborhood. It starts with transforming just one house on a street.

“Just doing one blighted house starts lighting up the entire street. It is quite amazing to watch the neighbors come out and start working on their homes too”, Deb says.

However, walking down this path has not come easy for Deb Cleveland and the brand. It takes a lot of dedication to be successful in the real estate business, and it takes more for a woman to achieve this success.

“I was not sure how to bring what I know to the market. I am great at the boots on the ground, knocking on doors and building relationships that way, but I have not been good at understanding the internet marketing space or how to build an online business to help spread the word to other women”. Deb explains.

Attaining Growth:

Deb Cleveland’s story started with a deep desire to figure out what it would take to be a millionaire. However, Deb started out in an unpleasant situation, having lost everything to an abusive marriage that was also filled with infidelity.

She decided to empower herself by reading a lot of books, seeking great counseling, and embarking on a spiritual journey, with teachings from the likes of Deepak Chopra. Deb secured a sales job after several job searches and within two years, she became a top ten salesperson in the company. After four years, Deb ventured into a similar business called “Print Works Plus”, where she sold branded and logo promotional and premium items to restaurants, business, es and corporations.

“After several years of learning and earning, I decided to create a movement that will inspire other women and transform their lives. I decided to create a movement for retired babyboomer women to join me in doing just one fixer-upper for fun” Deb says.

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