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The cheapest and most expensive petrol brands revealed

You could save a lot. Image: Getty

Driving around looking for the cheapest petrol? Quit wasting fuel, the results are in.

Coles Express retail petrol stations had the highest daily average prices throughout June this year, while Metro Fuel had the lowest, new data reveals.

In fact, independent and smaller petrol retailers are generally always cheaper, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) latest petrol pricing report noted today.

In Melbourne, United was the cheapest retailer in 2017, while Speedway in Sydney, Liberty in Adelaide and Vibe in Perth also offered the cheapest fuel.

However, Coles Express was the highest priced major retailer in all five major cities throughout 2017.

This hasn’t changed recently, with Coles Express customers still paying the highest daily average price for fuel throughout the June 2018 price cycle in Sydney.

Let’s compare
Source: ACCC

Coles Express is clearly the most expensive, although Woolworths approaches similar prices at the peak of the petrol cycle.

“By using information about price cycles, and available fuel price websites and apps, motorists can save significant amounts when they buy petrol,” the ACCC said, suggesting motorists use fuel price websites like Fuel Check or the ACCC’s Petrol price cycles webpage to see who’s offering the best deals and find out when to buy.

When should I buy petrol?

Shopping around isn’t the only way to save money. Motorists should also consider the best time to buy fuel.

Sydney: Prices are currently increasing, but motorists could find some places which haven’t begun increasing prices. Smaller retailers generally take longer to increase their prices than major ones like Coles and Woolies which increase their prices fast.

This is what the last few weeks have looked like.

Source: ACCC

Melbourne: Prices have also been increasing since 29 November, however motorists could also try their luck shopping around.

Here’s that in a chart.

Source: ACCC

Brisbane: You’re in luck, petrol prices are actually decreasing. However, if you’re smart you won’t buy until later when the dip increases.

As you can see, prices have reached their peak and should be starting to decrease.

Source: ACCC

Adelaide: Bingo! Your prices look like they’re around the lowest point in the cycle so it’s a great time to fill up.

You’re right at the bottom of the cycle.

Source: ACCC

Perth: You have an interesting rotation, with prices generally peaking on Tuesday and then falling to a low the next Monday.

So, you could buy now but would be better-off waiting until Monday.

Source: ACCC

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