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Cheap flight: $766 return from Australia to South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Image: Getty)

Better-than-half-price return flights from four Australian cities to the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires have been spotted.

Cheap flights notifier Scott's Cheap Flights first reported return fares from the Gold Coast for $766, with Sydney not far behind on $769. Melbourne tickets were seen for as low as $778 and Brisbane $799.

The flights are with full-service carrier Air New Zealand, meaning no extra fee for bags, meals and entertainment but a brief transit stop in Auckland.

Yahoo Finance has verified the existence of $795 return flights from Sydney to Buenos Aires on the Air New Zealand website.

Air New Zealand website showing Sydney to Buenos Aires return flights for $795. (Image: Yahoo Finance screenshot)

Normally return trips from Australia to South America would cost around $1,700. Playing with various date combinations from August to November inclusive will reveal the top prices.

Scott's Cheap Flights wrote to its subscribers that it thought the discounted fares would last less than 24 hours.

"Cracker fares to Argentina with Air New Zealand," the spotter service said.

"Limited dates on these, but they're among the best prices we've seen to South America."

It recommended searching for date combinations on the airline website or on Google Flights.

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