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CHART: The world's fastest-growing 'wealth markets'

Shanghai is China's wealthiest city. (Photo: Getty)

It’s been 10 years since the global financial crisis rocked the world. Since then, money has moved around a lot.

The last ten years have seen some wealth markets – calculated from the total sum of assets owned by an individuals in a country, taking into account cash, property, equity and business interests – shrink, while others have experienced growth in the triple digits.

China took the crown for biggest wealth market growth in the last decade at 130 per cent. But other developing Asian countries aren’t far behind, with Indian, Sri Lanka and Vietnam also seeing eye-watering growth of more than 90 per cent.

For a mature wealth market, Australia’s done decently, sitting at 18th place for 48 per cent growth in the last ten years.

Here’s all that in a chart:

(Source: Visual Capitalist)

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