• Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn to have contract extended to 2018 Associated Press - 28 minutes ago
    Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn to have contract extended to 2018

    Top directors at German carmaker Volkswagen plan to give a two-year contract extension to CEO Martin Winterkorn, who emerged on top of a power struggle this year with company patriarch Ferdinand Piech. ...

  • Survey: Economists say Fed will take baby steps - 30 minutes ago

    Once the Federal Reserve finally feels that it's time to start raising interest rates, it will move in baby steps. "The pace of interest rate increases by the Fed will be so shallow the next 2 years (that) it will be more interesting watching paint dry," quips Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist with the Economic Outlook Group. "The Fed will want to establish a measured but not too predictable pace of rate increases," says David Crowe, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders.

  • Business and pleasure travel write-offs - 30 minutes ago

    When you tack on personal vacation days to the beginning or end of a business trip, your out-of-pocket costs could be minimal since much of the business portion of your travel could be tax-deductible. The pairing of corporate and vacation travel is easier for self-employed business owners. The IRS has no problem with business owners deducting legitimate expenses.

  • Retirement investing without a money manager - 30 minutes ago

    For the past 16 years, I have let someone else manage our accounts, and for the past 5 years my investments earned nothing, even as the U.S. stock market tripled. Of that amount, $210,000 is in a 401(k) and $290,000 is in a taxable account. What are the pros and cons of tax-advantaged mutual funds?

  • Defending retirement benefits for the military - 30 minutes ago

    The largest employer in the U.S., the Department of Defense, may change the way its workers receive retirement pay. "The current military retirement system provides pension benefits to service members who retire after 20 years," says James Graybeal, assistant chief of information at the U.S. Navy who served as a spokesman for the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission, or MCRMC, which issued its recommendations for changes to military retirement benefits earlier this year.

  • Asking economists: Has the Fed put us in danger? - 30 minutes ago

    The Federal Reserve has kept a key interest rate at virtually 0 since December 2008. By keeping interest rates so low for so long, could Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her fellow policymakers have unwittingly set the stage for a crisis of some kind in the future? A 2nd factor is the growing concern that the Fed will end up slipping behind the inflation curve as the economy gathers more steam.

  • USD/CAD Technical Analysis: New Long Trade Setup Sought DailyFX - 1 hour 20 minutes ago

    USD/CAD Technical Analysis: New Long Trade Setup Sought

  • Eurostar passengers stranded after migrant action in Calais Associated Press - 1 hour 22 minutes ago

    Hundreds of Eurostar train passengers trying to travel under the English Channel were stranded in France after migrants climbed on tracks overnight in the port city of Calais, officials said. The problems ...

  • Wall Street set to bounce after brutal start to the month CNBC - 1 hour 25 minutes ago
    Wall Street set to bounce after brutal start to the month

    U.S. stock index futures indicated a higher open on Wednesday after the worst start to September in 13 years, with stocks finishing down almost 3 percent as China and interest rate fears dominated.

  • Why Germany isn't panicking over China CNBC - 1 hour 38 minutes ago
    Why Germany isn't panicking over China

    Germany is taking recent market volatility "very seriously," but a finance ministry official told CNBC there was no reason to panic.

  • Novartis, Amgen partner on Alzheimer's, migraine treatment Associated Press - 1 hour 45 minutes ago

    Swiss drug maker Novartis says it will cooperate with California-based biotech giant Amgen to develop and sell neuroscience treatments for illnesses and ailments like Alzheimer's disease and migraine headaches. ...

  • Toy maker Lego sees strong growth, profit in all regions Associated Press - 1 hour 54 minutes ago

    Lego says its popular multi-colored toy blocks were in strong demand in the first half of the year, resulting in good growth in profits and revenue and an upbeat outlook for the full year. Net profit in ...

  • Court sides with Uber drivers to expand case over pay Associated Press - 1 hour 59 minutes ago
    Court sides with Uber drivers to expand case over pay

    A federal judge granted class-action status to a lawsuit in California against Uber over the payment of its drivers, upping the stakes for the ride-hailing company in the case. Tuesday's ruling increases ...

  • Is N. Korean airline world's worst? It may be the quirkiest Associated Press - 2 hours 5 minutes ago
    Is N. Korean airline world's worst? It may be the quirkiest

    If an Air Koryo passenger ignores its no-photography rule, a flight attendant might take the camera and delete the pictures herself. Crumpling up a newspaper bearing the image of North Korean leader Kim ...

  • Shell president: 'Oil will be required for a long time' Associated Press - 2 hours 5 minutes ago
    Shell president: 'Oil will be required for a long time'

    The president of Shell Oil Co. said exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operations for a few days. And in an ...

  • MBK Partners closes in on $6bn Tesco Korea deal Financial Times - 2 hours 17 minutes ago

    Tesco has named a consortium led by South Korean buyout group MBK Partners as the preferred bidder for its business in the country, according to people close to the deal. The MBK consortium, which includes ...

  • Markets latest: Global sentiment steady, oil skids CNBC - 3 hours ago
    Markets latest: Global sentiment steady, oil skids

    Squawk Box Live in Europe has the latest on global markets, which are seeing a slight bounce after heavy selling in the previous session.

  • India SUV maker rides into US market ... on a scooter Associated Press - 3 hours ago
    India SUV maker rides into US market ... on a scooter

    India's largest SUV maker is ready to make its debut on U.S. roads. But it's starting with two wheels, not four. Mahindra hopes to win over city and campus dwellers with a $2,999, Vespa-like electric scooter ...

  • Sales jump burnishes Lego's crown as world's biggest toymaker Financial Times - 3 hours ago

    Lego reasserted its market leadership of the toy industry as the Danish maker of plastic figures and bricks reported strong first-half sales and profit growth. Lego, famed for its one product used in sets ...

  • Q&A: What are the signs of a 'bear market' for stocks Associated Press - 3 hours ago

    The stock market's sharp downturn in recent weeks has pulled the three major stocks indexes into what is known as a "correction." But when does a market correction effectively end a bull market ...

  • Hilton shares 'sharing economy' with Uber AAP - 3 hours ago
    Hilton shares 'sharing economy' with Uber

    Hilton is hailing the ride sharing service Uber to help guests reach its hotels and then explore the city where they are staying. The companies on Tuesday said Hilton guests will be able to set up automatic notifications to request Uber rides to and from the chain's hotels worldwide. Members of the company's HHonors program also will be able to use a digital guide of restaurants and nightlife spots most frequented by Uber riders.

  • Google refines logo AAP - 3 hours ago
    Google refines logo

    Google is refining its famous logo as it prepares to become a part of a new holding company called Alphabet. The revised design, unveiled Tuesday, features the same mix of blue, red, yellow and green that Google has been using throughout its nearly 17-year history, though the hues are slightly different shades. Google also invented a new typeface, called Product Sans, that is meant to resemble the simple printing in a grade-school book.

  • Kathmandu takeover off will not be raised AAP - 3 hours ago
    Kathmandu takeover off will not be raised

    New Zealand retailer Briscoe's bid for outdoor equipment and clothing chain Kathmandu appears doomed after it said its takeover offer will not be improved. Kathmandu's directors have advised shareholders to reject Briscoe's cash-and-scrip offer of about $318 million, on the grounds it undervalues the company. "Briscoe Group considers that its offer price is attractive, and sees no reason to increase it," the homewares and sporting goods retailer said.

  • Asos founder and chief executive Nick Robertson steps down Financial Times - 3 hours ago

    Asos founder and chief executive Nick Robertson has stepped down after 15 years at the helm of the online retailer after string of profit warnings dented investor confidence in what has been one of UK's ...

  • Stocks to watch on Wednesday AAP - 4 hours ago

    Stocks to watch on the Australian stock exchange on Wednesday, Sept 2: BHP - BHP BILLITON - down two cents, or 0.08 per cent, at $24.63 ORG - ORIGIN ENERGY - down 37 cents, or 4.52 per cent, at $7.81 OSH ...

  • Chile on track for 4m tourists this year AAP - 4 hours ago

    Chile expects to receive some four million foreign tourists this year, up from 3.6 million in 2014, Tourism Undersecretary Javiera Montes says. "In the past 10 years, we've increased tourist arrivals by almost 100 per cent," Montes said in her speech at the close of the annual conference of the Chilean Association of Tourism Companies in Copiapo, 800km north of Santiago. Latin America accounts for 77.4 per cent of all foreign arrivals, he said, acknowledging that it's a challenge for Chile to attract tourists from other parts of the world, especially the United States and Europe.

  • USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Downward Correction Resuming? DailyFX - 6 hours ago

    USD/JPY Technical Analysis: Downward Correction Resuming?

  • CEOs big news can cause ripple effects for company Associated Press - 6 hours ago
    CEOs big news can cause ripple effects for company

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is promising to be away from the job for just a "limited time" when she gives birth to twins later this year, but the development only adds to the uncertainty some investors ...

  • Fund faces difficult times ahead: Costello AAP - 6 hours ago

    Future Fund chair Peter Costello says "prudent, patient" investing has seen the fund almost double in nine years, but warns more difficult times are ahead. The mandate of the fund, set up in 2006 by Mr Costello when he was Liberal treasurer, is to make returns of CPI plus 4.5 per cent. "It's in excess of that objective as of the moment, which is good because we are going into more difficult conditions," Mr Costello told a briefing presenting the fund's latest portfolio update on Wednesday.

  • 'Concussion' director says no compromises were made for NFL Associated Press - 7 hours ago
    'Concussion' director says no compromises were made for NFL

    A day after its trailer debuted online and months before it hits theaters, the Will Smith football head-trauma film "Concussion" is already sparking controversy. Citing studio emails leaked in ...

  • Communal tourism unites visitors AAP - 7 hours ago

    Communal tourism as practiced by several Indian groups in Ecuador offers foreigner visitors a chance to experience a simple life in touch with nature along with millennial wisdom about the Sun's cosmic energy. Saraguro, a village in the southern Andean province of Loja, is an example of how daily life can appeal to tourists seeking to harmonise with Nature's elements. Located in a small valley, Saraguro is home to the Indian community of the same name and an enterprising spirit that saw in tourism a chance to showcase for the world the natural and cultural treasures of the area.

  • Venezuela says it has secured $5 billion loan from China Associated Press - 7 hours ago

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says China has agreed to provide a $5 billion loan to boost oil production. Maduro said Tuesday night during a speech broadcast from Beijing that the loan would be paid ...

  • China, Japan battle for Indons fast train AAP - 7 hours ago

    China and Japan are locked in an increasingly heated contest to build Indonesia's first high-speed railway, with the Asian giants sweetening deals and turning up the charm as time runs out to woo Jakarta. The rivalry over this major project is just the latest to flare up as China challenges Japan's long-standing dominance in Southeast Asia as a key source of infrastructure funding. Japan, a top-three investor in Indonesia with huge stakes in the automotive and mining sectors, seemed destined to build the high-speed railway until China muscled in with a counter offer earlier this year.

  • China pollution impedes US exec hires AAP - 8 hours ago

    Most US firms in China have problems recruiting senior executives because of the country's chronic air pollution. An American Chamber of Commerce survey has shown that a majority of respondents -- 53 per cent -- said air quality issues had made it difficult for their organisation to hire senior talent to work in the Asian economic giant. China's cities are often hit by heavy pollution, blamed on coal-burning by power stations and industry, as well as vehicle use, and it has become a major source of discontent with the ruling Communist Party.

  • Haggen sues Albertsons for $1 billion over grocery deal Associated Press - 9 hours ago

    The small grocery-store chain Haggen on Tuesday sued Albertsons for more than $1 billion in damages, alleging the supermarket giant engaged in systematic efforts to eliminate it as a viable competitor ...