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Carnival guest tries to ‘tighten’ Ferris wheel during ride: ‘The fear of death is half the fun’

Everyone’s worst fear when visiting an amusement park is that something will go wrong on one of the rides. According to one man’s viral TikTok, he may have narrowly avoided that exact scenario during a recent trip to a local carnival.

Viewers are still in shock after Troy Pablano (@triizzy23_ _) of San Antonio, Texas, captured a brief yet slightly terrifying moment on a Ferris wheel.

“Let me just, uh, tighten that up there,” he says in the clip, leaning forward to screw in a bolt that appears to be coming loose on a suspension bar.

In the background, a woman can be heard laughing, and Pablano himself seems rather casual, but a lot of commenters found the whole thing to be pretty concerning.


“Carnival rides are practically death traps at this point,” one person lamented.

“I never understand how people go to the fair and go on rides that came out of a suitcase,” said someone else.

At the same time, his video also drew a fair amount of dark humor from fellow carnival-goers.

“The fear of death is half the fun of a carnival ride,” one TikToker said.

“I think that’s the thrill of carnival rides the risk of a disaster makes it more interesting,” said someone else.

There were also a few people who wondered aloud whether Pablano should have actually touched the machinery.

“Okay but what if you WERENT supposed to do that,” one person asked.

“Imagine he turns it the wrong way,” another person added.

“*entire Ferris wheel spontaneously combusts*” joked someone else.

A few commenters even seemed to know the part he was trying to “fix” and pointed out that tightening the bolt was unnecessary.

“It’s just to hold it tight actual there more then enough tread to hold that in place,” one TikToker shared. “that’s just a second support.”

“it’s a turn buckle and really can’t go anyplace,” added another person. “Even if it did move. There’s like 7 inches of thread above it.”

But Pablano did at least get a small bit of praise from the San Antonio Rodeo, which appears to be where he rode the Ferris wheel that night.

“Thank you for your service,” the carnival commented on his video — which appears to have left the TikToker stunned.

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