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Canva, Suncorp and other top leaders share their vision for the new world of work

Future of work speakers, Vanessa Sorenson, Jennie Rogerson and Katherine McConnell.
Vanessa Sorenson, Jennie Rogerson and Katherine McConnell share their thoughts on the future of work. (Source: Provided)

As unemployment rates in Australia remain low, and the great resignation still looms large, the way many Australians work has radically changed.

Employers in many industries have struggled to fill key roles, and the latest figures from online recruitment site SEEK shows that while job ad volumes have been increasing, applications per job continue to decline.

With this change comes a radical change in leadership too.

In many industries, the traditional “top down” structures have crumbled and the concept of all employees bringing their whole selves to work means the structure of work, leadership and life have changed forever during the pandemic.

As a result, Talent, with the support of Yahoo Finance, have looked to the most inspiring leaders around the globe to explore where they see the future of work, life and leadership.

The "Leaders Building a Better World of Work" project launched today, and features local leaders from Canva, Brighte and Suncorp in Australia as well as overseas at Rolls Royce, Microsoft and ZipCo.

Talent Global CEO Mark Nielsen said the report gives first-hand insights from leaders who have all navigated the changing world of work.

“From dealing with a global pandemic, which forced most businesses to adapt to change at a rapid pace, making hybrid work and flexibility the norm, championing DE&I and ESG, changing parental leave programs, and bringing all teams on the journey, every single leader has opened up and shared what they are doing in this new world of work,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen said that the report has a strong focus on what employees want now, and points to the big changes in the way people approach work.

"Team members are now searching for more than a pay cheque and a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits and perks," he said.

"They are seeking more work-life balance, clarity of purpose, a supportive manager and team, and inclusion. To remain competitive leaders and businesses need to adapt to this new norm.”

What are the leaders saying?

Jennie Rogerson, Canva, global head of people.
Jennie Rogerson, Canva, global head of people.
Katherine McConnell, Brighte, founder and CEO.
Katherine McConnell, Brighte, founder and CEO.
Vanessa Sorenson, Microsoft, managing director.
Vanessa Sorenson, Microsoft, managing director.

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