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Sold out in minutes: $2 item flies off Spotlight shelves

People couldn't get enough of this product. Images: AAP, Spotlight, Markdown Addicts Australia

Spotlight is holding a two-day sale over Saturday and Sunday, and one item has already caught savvy shoppers’ eyes.

“Can’t beat $2 towels,” a member of Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia wrote, drawing in hundreds of comments and photos of shoppers’ hauls.

Spotlights’s Mode Jacquard Cameo Bath Towels are on sale for $2, down from $10 in five shades.

“At my local store they were sold out in 20 minutes,” one member of the group responded.

“There was [sic] five of us waiting upon open and grabbed what we needed (I got five) and then someone else loaded every single one of them left into her trolley. Trolley was stacked up about half a metre above the top of the trolley edge,” they said.

Image: Markdown Addicts Australia

“So sad, went in at 9:10 and all gone,” added another.

That user was far from alone.

Added another shopper, “I lost out.

“My local store sold out. Apparently when doors opened there were heaps of people.”

One shopper said they grabbed 19 towels, while another said they “Grabbed the last 12”.

Images: Markdown Addicts Australia

“I thought they would feel a bit cheap and nasty but to my surprise they are actually very soft feeling and not very thin either for definitely a bargain!”

And another shopper said that they would have gotten 100 if they could.

One user wasn’t far off, ordering 60 to give to their children for Christmas.

At some stores, shoppers saw crowds of people running in to score the bargain.

“People were shoving and grabbing piles. I reckon they should’ve had a max customer limit as stores only had so much stock.”

The sale continues until Sunday, although if you’re after towels, it looks like you’d better be quick.

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