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Bricks and mortar going strong: Aussie retailers among top performers globally

Aussie retailers are still going strong. Source: Getty

While the rise of online shopping has been a pain point for many small Aussie retailers, new data shows bricks and mortar-type retailers are still going strong here in Australia.

In second place globally, Australian retailers collect $42,081 per month, a smidge behind US retailers, who collect $44,913 in monthly revenue, The Vend’s annual Retail Benchmarks Report shows.

Our neighbours, New Zealand, complete the top three in third position with monthly revenue per retailer sitting at $41,280.

The average transaction value here in Australia is $81.14, which is well above the global average of $71.39.

Which retail sector is healthiest?

Aussie shoe shops have the best-performing monthly revenues, with each store earning an average of $40,601 per month – almost double the global average of $27,595.

Australia’s fashion and accessory stores are also outperforming global competition, with independent fashion stores taking home an average of $37,060 per month, 27 per cent higher than the global average.

Which state spends the most?

The results show Sydneysiders spend big, with Sydney independent retailers generating close to 20 per cent more in sales than Melbourne independent retailers.

Sydney retailers are also earning more per transaction, with an average value of $84.81, compared to $76.44 in Melbourne.

But while Sydneysiders might shop more, Melbournian stores show higher footfall with 422 customer transitions each month, which is around a quarter more than Sydney’s 338 transactions per month.

“Far from struggling, independent retailers in Australia are in fact healthy and thriving,” said Vend managing director Dave Scheine.

“We know that the retail landscape is changing, and our data proves it.

“Despite the downward sales trends of multinational and big box retail evidenced by the ABS, independent retailers here are not only fighting back but are, in fact, punching above their weight globally.”

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