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Bowser prices on the way down again


The price of unleaded fuel is expected to fall by up to three cents a litre in the final two weeks of 2012.

Commsec economist Savanth Sebastian said on Monday motorists can expect to benefit as prices fall due to subdued regional gasoline prices and a firmer Australian dollar.

"Overall, Commsec expects pump prices to fall by 2-3 cents (a litre) over the next fortnight," he said in a client note.

Meanwhile, Australian Institute of Petroleum figures released on Monday show the average national unleaded petrol price fell last week by 0.2 of a cent to 143.2 cents a litre.

The metropolitan price was down 0.3 of a cent to 141.4 cents, while the average weekly regional price declined 0.1 of a cent to 146.7 cents.

Among the states and territories, Adelaide had the cheapest fuel at 133.6 cents a litre, while Darwin had the dearest at 159.1 cents a litre.