Björn Borg Has Visited North Korea on a Mission to Spread Love



PYONGYANG--(BUSINESSWIRE)-- Björn Borg has now delivered its underwear to Pyongyang in North Korea. The delivery and trip has been documented in a travel blog and is the consequence of a global vote (THE DROP), initiated by Björn Borg, where the world was asked which place in the world is in most need of love and seduction. The winner was in the end Pyongyang.

More than 53 000 people voted, and nominated sexual cold spots. 60 percent of the votes came from South Korea, who in great numbers voted for their northern neighbor and it’s capital, Pyongyang. Chalmers School of Technology in Gothenburg came in second place, and the Swedish Left Party came in third.

The interest in Björn Borg’s “Weapons of Mass Seduction” grew rapidly, when over 100 000 South Koreans visited Björn Borg’s website to vote, in only 24 hours. This greatly contributed to the fact that the North Korean capital of Pyongyang won the contest by a landslide.

The initial intention was to love-bomb the winning location with 450 pairs of underwear from the sky. When the contest was over, Björn Borg had to adapt to the situation. The company decided to go under the radar, by sending an independent journalist and photographer, to document their attempt to export their “Weapons of Mass Seduction” to one of the world’s most inaccessible dictatorships.

“We knew that North Korea was going to be a tough challenge. The ‘drop’ in itself, wasn’t as spectacular as planned, but when Pyongyang won we had to adapt to the current conditions there. We’re proud of our attempt, and that we managed to spread some underwear-love in one of the world’s most closed dictatorships”, says Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director, Björn Borg.

Björn Borg’s representative traveled to the country on a tourist visa. He was, like all tourists, under constant surveillance from the “guides”, appointed to him by the regime. There was no possibility of moving around freely in Pyongyang, and his schedule was meticulously planned. In the end Björn Borg’s representative managed to hand out underwear to the local inhabitants, but nobody, neither the “guides”, nor the locals, dared to have their picture taken when receiving the gifts.

Björn Borg has documented the trip, and everything is available at:

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