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The world’s biggest brands that haven’t made a profit yet

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You might have heard that Uber, with all its popularity and widespread use, has yet to actually turn over a profit.

You might have heard that about Tesla, too, given comments from its eccentric founder Elon Musk that are either alienating or attracting investors.

But Uber and Tesla are certainly not the only ones that have gone a surprisingly long time without earning more than it spends.

According to analysis by parcel-forwarding company forward2me, beloved jewellery brand Pandora tops the list as the brand that has taken the longest time to turn a profit.

Although it raked in US$1.47 billon in revenue last year, it’s gone 19 years – nearly two decades – without having the books in the black.

Tesla isn’t far behind: despite being a high-profile name, and earning US$21.46 billion in 2018, the company hasn’t really made money since being founded by Musk 16 years ago.

Neither has Spotify (13 years), Dropbox (12 years) or Soundcloud (12 years), or Uber since its launch a decade ago.

(Source: forward2me)

Pinterest, Snapchat, StockX and Lyft don’t turn a profit, either.

On the other hand, other household names like Microsoft, Apple, Deliveroo, PayPal and Alphabet (Google) were right up at the top of the list of companies that were earning profits in three years or less.

Facebook came in sixth place, taking 5 years, while Netflix took 6 years.

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