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Half-price specials: Best Woolworths, Coles deals this week

Tony Yoo
Woolworths and Coles shopfronts shown side-by-side as a composite image.
The two big supermarkets offer half-price items every week. (Images: AAP)

A bunch of grocery items are sold for half-price at Coles and Woolworths each week.

These bargains are not on sale to make money, but rather to get customer feet through the door. Each supermarket is betting that anyone shopping at their store are likely not to go to their rival that week.

And any full-price groceries sold would make up for the margins lost on the discounted items.

Woolworths and Coles also use the 50%-off deals to differentiate themselves from upstart Aldi Australia. The budget retailer has its own weekly deals but can't quite match the discounting of the big boys in terms of percentage off.

For your convenience, Yahoo Finance has pushed the trolley around to select the most alluring half-price deals this week. With all the specials in one place, you can decide each week which supermarket to hand your hard-earned money to.

The groceries listed are half-price from Wednesday October 30 until Tuesday November 5 inclusive:

Coles: best half-price deals

There are plenty of boxed chocolates on special for the festive season.

Food items:

  • Lindt Lindor limited edition round tin 460g: $15

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 570g: $10

  • Lindt Lindor cornet chocolate balls 375g: $10

  • Nescafé Gold freeze dried coffee 180-200g: $9

  • Sunrice jasmine rice 5kg: $8.50

  • Cadbury gift box 220g: $6

  • Tasmanian Heritage cheese 250g: $5.90

  • Peters Drumstick Messina 4-pack 475mL: $5

  • Toblerone 360g or Cadbury Bites Tub 300-340g: $5

  • Birds Eye SteamFresh fish fillets 380g: $4.50

  • La Española olive oil 500mL: $4.50

  • Streets Magnum ice cream tub 440mL: $4.50

Non-food items:

  • Cenovis Mega E 500IU capsules 250-pack: $18.50 (other Cenovis also half-price)

  • Le Tan Uber Stay Ash Base tanning foam 200mL: $15

  • Dynamo laundry liquid 2L or professional 1.8L: $8.75

  • Pedigree Dentastix 28-pack: $8.75

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwashing tablets 18-pack or 0% 22-pack: $8.50

  • Ambi Pur Air & Fabric Mist Prime 300mL: $7.50

  • Nature’s Way Slim Right powder chocolate 375g: $7.25

Chocolate selling for half-price at Coles.
(Image: Coles)

Woolworths: best half-price deals

Non-food items:

  • Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Touch of Foundation SPF15 50g or Regenerist Night Cream 50g: $16.75

  • Mortein PowerGard multi-insect automatic spray diffuser & refill: $15

  • Mortein PowerGard Professional DIY surface spray 2L: $15

  • Nature’s Own Odourless Fish Oil 2000mg capsules 200-pack: $15

  • Fairy Platinum Plus dishwashing tablets 30-pack: $14

  • Musashi Bulk Protein powder 420g: $12.50

  • Biozet Attack Plus Eliminator laundry powder 2kg or liquid 2L: $11

  • Omo Ultimate laundry liquid 1.8L or powder 1.8kg: $11

  • Sistema Brilliance rectangle container large: $7.50

  • White Glo Activated Charcoal Strips 7-pack: $7.50

  • Dove Body Wash 1L: $6.85 (other Dove items also half-price)

Groceries selling at half-price at Woolworths.
(Image: Woolworths)

Food items:

  • Patties Party Pack 1.25kg or Mini Combo Pack 1kg: $7.15

  • Ho Mai Entertainer Pack or Cocktail Spring Rolls 1kg: $7

  • Cadbury Favourites 373g: $7

  • Birds Eye oven bake fish 425g: $5

  • Connoisseur ice cream 1L: $5

Yahoo Finance did not receive any monetary compensation for this article.

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