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Best Woolworths, Coles 50% off deals this week

Woolworths and Coles are at it again with their half-price specials. (Images: Coles, Woolworths, AAP)

If you don't at least consider the half-price specials at Coles and Woolworths, then you're paying too much for your groceries every week.

Shoppers might be glad to hear the supermarkets hardly make any money from these bargains – they're a marketing ploy to lure people into the store. 

And the 50 per cent off specials also distinguish Woolworths and Coles from fast-rising challenger Aldi. Aldi puts on its own weekly deals, but they're never discounted as heavily as half-price.

For your convenience, Yahoo Finance has selected the most tempting half-price deals from both supermarkets. Please compare them here in the one place to make up your mind which store you'll visit this weekend.

The specials below are on sale from Wednesday February 19 to Tuesday February 25.

Woolworths: best half-price deals

The food specials are disappointingly sparse at Woolworths this week.

Food items:

Non-food items:

(Image: Woolworths)

Coles: best half-price deals 

Non-food items:

  • Nature's Way Glucosamine 1500mg tablets 180-pack: $20

  • Finish dishwashing tablets Quantum Ultimate Pro 32-pack or 0% 42-pack: $16

  • OGX Penetrating Oil hair treatment 100mL: $12.50 (other OGX also half-price)

  • Dynamo laundry liquid 2L or Professional 1.8L: $8.75

  • Herbal Essences Bio Renew shampoo or conditioner 600mL: $8.50

  • Le Tan Coconut Spray sunscreen SPF30+ 250mL: $8.50

  • Energizer Max Plus batteries AA or AAA 10-pack: $8.35

(Image: Coles)

Food items:

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 570g: $10

  • Gold Sunset canola or vegetable oil 4L: $9

  • Steggles chicken breast goujons 1kg: $8.75

  • KB's gyoza prawn or vegetable 750g: $8

  • Red Island extra virgin olive oil 1L: $8

  • Patties Party Pack 30-pack 1.25kg or Mini Combo 40-pack 1kg: $7.15

  • Ferrero chocolate gift box 16-pack 200g or Collection chocolates 15-pack 172g: $6.30

  • Our Family Table fish goujon 315g: $5.50

  • Sanitarium Up & Go liquid breakfast 6x250mL: $4.85

  • Carman's Bars 160-270g or muesli 500g: $4.50

  • La Española olive oil 500mL: $4.50

  • Sara Lee Classic ice cream 1L: $4.50

  • Peters Drumstick ice cream 4-6 pack: $4.20

  • Steggles chicken garlic kiev 350g: $4

  • Bulla Multipack ice cream 8-14 pack: $3.50

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