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Best Woolworths, Coles 50%-off deals this week

Coles and Woolworths are at it again in 2020 with their weekly half-price specials.

Woolworths and Coles every week slash 50 per cent off the price of a range of grocery items.

The supermarkets don't make much profit out of these products but they're used to get customers into their stores. The theory is that those shoppers will also buy profit-making full-priced items to complete their weekly shop.

The half-price specials also distinguish the retailers from fast-rising challenger Aldi. While Aldi has its own weekly deals, the discounts are never as steep as 50 per cent.

Yahoo Finance each week picks out the most attractive half-price specials from both Coles and Woolworths so that you can compare them side-by-side. Then you can decide for yourself which supermarket to patronise.

The Woolworths deals below apply from Thursday January 2 while Coles' specials start on Wednesday January 1. Both stores will keep the prices at 50%-off until Tuesday January 7 inclusive:

Woolworths: best half-price deals

As the hot weather hits, ice creams dominate the half-price food specials.

Food items:

(Image: Woolworths)

Non-food items:

Coles: best half-price deals 

Non-food items:

(Image: Coles)
  • Swisse Ultiboost Glucosamine Sulfate tablets 180-pack: $21 (other Swisse also half-price)

  • Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwashing tablets 50-pack: $19

  • Mortein Power Gard DIY Professional surface spray 2L or Automatic System Prime & Refill: $15

  • Banana Boat Sport sunscreen SPF50+ 400g: $10.20

  • Vanish Gold Pro stain remover powder 1.8kg: $10

  • Dynamo laundry liquid 2L or Professional 1.8L: $8.75

  • Caltrate Bone & Muscle 50+ tablets 100-pack: $8.47

  • Schwarzkopf shampoo or conditioner 900mL: $7

(Image: Coles)

Food items:

  • Maharajah's Choice basmati rice 5kg: $9.50

  • Gold Sunset canola, sunflower or vegetable oil 4 Litre: $9

  • Steggles chicken breast goujons 1kg: $8.75

  • La Española olive oil 1L: $7

  • Cadbury Favourites boxed chocolate 373g: $7

  • Peters Connoisseur ice cream 4-6 pack: $4.30

  • Reese's ice cream tub 473mL, cones or sticks 4-pack: $4.25

  • KB's salt and pepper squid 360g: $4.25

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