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4 wedding cost-cutting tips from Aussie women

Anastasia Santoreneos
How to save money on your wedding. Source: Getty
How to save money on your wedding. Source: Getty

Weddings can be extremely expensive: so expensive, in fact, that over half of all couples will get some financial assistance from their parents to foot the bill.

When you total the venue, flows, catering and dress, the average wedding can cost over $32,000.

On top of that, the average engagement ring costs around $5,147 - which is a huge expense before the wedding even takes place.

But Aussie mums taken to the Facebook group Mums Who Budget and Save to share their top wedding cost-cutting tips.

Get married on a Friday

One member’s top cost-cutting tip was to get married on a Friday rather than a weekend.

“We got married on a Friday which was cheaper - at a beautiful country chapel which was the most expensive part of it,” she said.

And it’s true: according to wedding blog site, Easy Weddings, Saturday is the most popular day to hold a wedding - also making it the most expensive.

“If, however, you opted for a Friday evening wedding or, even, a Sunday morning or afternoon wedding, you could save yourself some serious dosh,” they stated.

Have your wedding at home

One of the biggest budget-eaters is the venue, with the average cost of a wedding venue in Australia sitting at $14,500.

To avoid spending 45 per cent of their budget on a venue, many members said they opted to do up their own house.

“We saved money by having the wedding in my in-laws garden, self catering, I made my bouquets and my bridesmaids/table flowers,” one member wrote.

“We had our ceremony at home and reception in our local town hall,” another said.

Look for cheaper dresses online

One of the members’ top tips was to purchase your dress online or from a thrift shop.

“My dress was $100 on eBay,” one user said.

“I’ve seen some beautiful wedding dresses in thrift shops, it’s definitely worth a look,” another said.

DIY as much as you can

Another hot tip was to do-it-yourself - and do it a lot.

“DIY as much as you can - invites to catering. Called on an army of family and friends to help out with everything,” one member said.

“We bought reasonable quality chocolates when they were on sale and put them in $1 pretty bags from the Reject Shop for the gifts,” another said.

“We did heaps ourselves, and kept things fairly simple - friends helped cater the afternoon tea after the wedding, and we made our own bouquets.”

But the one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on?

A photographer.

“Do not save money on photography...My biggest regret,” one wrote.

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